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park wod

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful here in my neck of the woods. Celeste and I walked to the park and found some people to play with. While she frolicked and made new friends I busted out a quick wod! 21 – 15 – 9 is popular configuration in Crossfit. Meaning you do 21 reps, then 15 reps, […]

birthday training

It’s my twenty-eighth birthday today (friday)! Having a great day off to celebrate, just went for a nice long walk with lil C to the park. She wanted to go wandering in the woods, but I knew it would be wet and nasty out there. We were going to play basketball but there was a […]

fast n dirty

I have spent most of the weekend playing with my new toys…An ebony chunk of iron named Rogue (20 kg kettlebell), a ridiculously cumbersome 30-pound medicine ball, an Olympic jumprope, and an ABMAT! I swung Rogue, threw (HAHA!) the med ball up at the wall, did some sit ups, and actually performed two consecutive double-unders (whaaaaat???). Kassper […]

here’s the dealio

For anyone who doesn’t know me, this blog has been started at an interesting time in my fitness journey. From October of 2011 till New Year’s Eve I completely stopped working out and eating with any kind of sense. I’m not sure why I took such a long break. One reason? My loving husband of […]

happy birthday to me!

My dad surprised me with all these goodies today, imagine my astonishment! A 30 pound medicine ball, a 44 pound kettlebell, an ab mat, and an olympic jumprope. Cannot wait to put these tools to good use! I am so grateful! I first swung one like this at Crossfit Dallas Central. Felt absolutely perfect.

my first formally-designed wod

I have to thank Marianne Kane for all her inspiration over the past year or so. I love her on-camera persona, her warmth, her accessibility (I have corresponded with her on Facebook), and her vast knowledge of kettlebells. I have literally handwritten almost all of her workouts in a little blue notebook that I keep […]

a couple of wods

jac’s wod monday ( t h e   b u t t   a n d   n o t h i n g   b u t t ) el jefe I set el Jefe for 20 cycles of 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest and proceeded to all the leg […]