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walk this way

black betty

Yesterday I planned to take it easy on myself, but I’ve found it hard to do that lately. I’m feeling so strong and looking so lean, I don’t want to stop! But I know that your body needs rest and recovery, so today is definitely a rest day. I am going to clean my classroom and do some extracurricular for my little buddies at work instead. But yesterday….


jac’s wod

Repeat each pair of exercises three times.

1.) 20 duck walks (a left step & a right step equal one)

2.) 10 pushups

1.) 20 dragon walks (à la Pavel Tsatsouline) w/ 25 lb. KB

2.) 5 burpees

1.) farmer’s walk 50 paces w/ 25 lb. KB & 1 pood, come back

2.) bear crawl the length of the 50 paces, sprint back

After that, I completed a tabata alternating my favorites (not) squat-tap-taps (á la Marianne Kane) and lunge jumps (ow).

Then I set el Jefe (left) for 15 cycles of 45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest. I wanted to kill my abs! So I repeated these 5 exercises 3 times.

1.) mountain climbers

                                                     2.) bicycles

                                                     3.) haloes (alternating directions with 25 lb. KB)

                                                     4.) figure 8’s (16 kg KB)

                                                     5.) knee to elbow planks

                                                     Then I died. The end!



Today is my cheat day…and I don’t want to cheat! Everything I would usually have, donuts, pizza, etc. sounds so disgusting now that I have been doing so much paleo/primal reading and research. We’ll see what I  end up doing. I don’t want to feel bloaty and gross, but some very smart people say it’s good to have a calorie-blast now and again! Anyhow, I will let you know how I eat and how I feel.

– J


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