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i’m addicted to paleo…and blogs…and tabatas.

Here are some rockin websites I have been haunting of late. They keep me motivated on my new paleo journey!

Nom Nom Paleo

The Clothes Make the Girl

Mark’s Daily Apple

Free the Animal

The Paleo Solution

Fast Paleo

Civilized Caveman

Paleo Hacks

Paleo Butterfly

Elana’s Pantry

Whole 9

jac’s wod


 I love Pat Flynn’s website, Chronicles of Strength,  it has a lot of awesome kettlebell complexes which I steal for my own evil purposes all the time. His videos also feature great industrial music, which also makes me a happy camper. I did a full workout from his site Friday, and was feeling the pain. It can be found in its entirety here, at Chronicles of Strength.

Complete five reps on each side of each exercise. Repeat entire thing three times.

1.) one arm swing

2.) clean

3.) snatch

4.) press

5.) reverse lunge

Next up is the dreaded SWING BURPEE LADDER! I love this. It is total body torture! I like how it starts out so benign, as you do a swing then jump back into plank and perform a push up. The next time you do two swings, jump back, then two push ups. And so on up to 10, and back down. I have tried this a few times and never made it through the entire thing doing strict push ups. Since I no longer allow myself to perform girlie push ups, I told myself I could make it through and I did! I spent a lot of time at the top of the push up position, gathering strength to go on, but I completed the entire excruciating ladder, (not repeating 10 at the top) descending gratefully. I was really proud of myself. It adds up to 100 push ups, go me! Next time I try this, I will time myself, now that I can complete it.

I tried to do a bit of pressing, like they do in the site’s version, but my arms were toast from all those push ups.

Lastly, I did the reverse lunge and single leg deadlift ladder. I was pretty tired by this point, so I didn’t really try to do the whole ladder to five. I just did a few reps of each and called it a day.

Of course, my wod is never complete without a tabata, so I did squat-tap-taps.

The next day (Saturday) I was so sore! My abs especially were tender to the touch. Nothing like plank position for your core! Saturday I just ran up and down the steps a bit and did some prisoner squats.


I did end up cheating after all, I had delicious Papa John’s supreme pizza and beer. I had opportunies to eat some other junky fare, but it wasn’t appealing. The pizza and beer was worth it.  Another tidbit I picked up from Chronicles of Strength is how to cheat. I pick one day a week and eat whatever I want (I’m trying to stick to real foods, however). The next day, I fast till dinner. We’ll see how this approach works! During the week I am doing strict paleo aside from drinking coffee, and I am feeling great. I definitely cheated this weekend, having a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch and donuts Saturday morning…oops, that’s more than a cheat day. I find that after eating junky, I like to fast for a few meals to settle things down.

my kryptonite

I think I needed to make myself eat some non-paleo-acceptable foods, because I have noticed I’ve become a little fanatical. When I see bread or cheese or sugar I run in the opposite direction. This is fine, but I don’t want to inadvertently develop food phobias. I want to avoid the foods that don’t work in my diet because I know their harmful effects, not because of a compulsion.

the least i could do is drink better beer…or wine?

But tomorrow, it’s back on the paleo bus, and my fridge is full of spinach, berries and meat, yum.


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