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sexy sweat

whoa, black betty!

Earlier this evening I tried out the snatch test using Yaz, my smaller KB. I cannot imagine snatching Black Betty 100 times. I tried it out just to see if I could do one, and I can barely do it! But I’m getting stronger all the time, and I know it will come. It took me 4 minutes and 10 seconds to complete the test, switching hands every 10 reps. My blisters are healed but they were definitely chafing toward the end.

Been perusing the archives of Chronicles of Strength for new workout ideas, and I am more and more impressed with the complexes trainer Pat Flynn produces. I also love, love, love his adherence to hardstyle russian kettlebell training, because a lot of the other sites I go to are crossfit-related and sometimes do things contrary to things I learned when I first started with kettlebells. I always go by what dragondoor or Pavel says! He is the man! And where else can I listen to Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, and Rage Against the Machine while learning new and fun kettlebell routines?

jac’s wod

(from Chronicles of Strength)

Circuit 1 (repeat 5 times, no rest)

1.) swings :30

2.) 5 presses each arm

3.) plank 1:00

Circuit 3 (skipped circuit 2 due to fatigue, repeat 5 times)

1.) swings 1:00

2.) 5 goblet squats (wanted to make sure I got these in)

3.) rotational plank :30 each side

This workout was brutal, and I didn’t even do the whole thing! Loved the rotational plank, will be doing that again. At the end I was covered in a sheen of sexy sweat and felt pleasantly exhausted. I live for this feeling of hot, blissful oblivion. I needed the punishment after my dismal diet today!


So…I certainly did not mean to have another cheat day. I woke up and had some coffee, and didn’t eat ANYTHING because I wasn’t hungry. This business of not forcing breakfast on myself is hard to get used to but very practical. Why shove down eggs and fruit when I gorged myself last night at a coworker’s Valentine’s Day bash? Instead I let my poor stomach rest after the orgy of fried chicken, chocolate-covered strawberries, nachos, beer, and jello shots (yeah we had a great time).

But then my mama came over with some of her tasty taco soup with 2 cornbread muffins and a Coke Zero…I would never turn down a free, hot, delicious lunch from my mom! It was not a paleo meal. I wasn’t going to eat the cornbread, but then I said to hell with it and ate one. I could easily make a nice paleo-friendly version of this soup, and probably will do so sometime soon. I would take out the corn, the powdered ranch seasoning, the taco seasoning…and would also try to find a way to add more veggies. I could serve it on a bed of lettuce, with fresh tomatoes on top and a little homemade mayonnaise in lieu of the ranch flavoring. But I did enjoy my lunch.

The other complication today was my husband bringing home a random plastic bag filled with chewy candies. WTF. I like tootsie rolls :). A lot. So I started munching on these…

Then Celeste suggested we make peanut butter cookies and have a party…It’s always party time with this kid. So I looked up a flourless version, as I’m not keeping flour around lately, and found this recipe. Peanut butter is forbidden on the paleo diet, due to the lectin in peanuts. I’m not going to buy it anymore!

flourless pb cookies

So today was a bust, but I am confident that I can get back on track tomorrow. No more fasting, I’m going to fill up on protein, fruit and veggies all day long, and do a badass workout on my lunch break. No matter how bad your choices are one day, tomorrow is always a new day.


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