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a couple of wods

jac’s wod


( t h e   b u t t   a n d   n o t h i n g   b u t t )

el jefe

I set el Jefe for 20 cycles of 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest and proceeded to all the leg and butt exercises I could think of. This included:

  • jump lunges    
  • jump squats
  • kettlebell hip thrusts
  • goblet squats
  • kettlebell passing lunges
  • backward leg lifts

After that I did the butt workout I ganked from Bret Contreras. You can read about it in this awesome article called “Dispelling the Glute Myth.First, you do 2 60 second hip extension stretches on each leg. This is kind of monotonous but, if Mr. Contreras says to do this first, then I plan to listen. His article is the comprehensive guide to growing a great butt, based on hard evidence. It feels good and opens your hips before you do the buttwork.

I hold each exercise for 5 seconds at the top, and really use my butt muscles in each movement. I flex the active glute at the top. 10 reps of each exercise, repeating twice.

> kettlebell glute bridge (16 kg)

> bird dog

> lying abduction

I think doing this a few times a week is making my derriere rounder, firmer and stronger. A few hundred kettlebell swings per week doesn’t hurt it either!

– tuesday off-

jac’s wod


Today was absolutely beautiful outside, a perfect day for taking Betty and Yaz to the dog run on the side of the school.

1.) Carry both the girls down the length of the building, sprint back to the end, then back to the kettlebells for a total of 10 farmer’s walks and 20 all out sprints.

2.) TABATA! push up + 2 squat thrusts (I just made that up)

3.) 15 minutes of russian two hand swings on the minute, 20 the first 5 minutes, then 15 till the end.

I wanted to work on my grip today and I know I succeeded cuz my hands hurt like hell.


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