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my first formally-designed wod

I have to thank Marianne Kane for all her inspiration over the past year or so. I love her on-camera persona, her warmth, her accessibility (I have corresponded with her on Facebook), and her vast knowledge of kettlebells. I have literally handwritten almost all of her workouts in a little blue notebook that I keep in my gym bag. I’ve fallen in love with the style of her workouts. After a year of fooling around with her killer complexes and couplets, I finally have started using her format as a template for designing my own workouts. Here is my first ever formal workout that I wrote down and then executed. Once again, I’m not a trainer or a professional so I just do what feels good to me. Marianne knows how to group the right type of exercises together for maximum results, and how to hone in on different muscle groups, and what’s complimentary. I urge anyone unfamiliar with kettlebells to spend some serious time on her site, learning, absorbing, and watching videos of her excellent instruction.

*Note: All exercises are linked to instructional videos that demonstrate the movements.

jac’s wod


2 – 16 – 12

el jefe

I set el Jefe (left) for 18 cycles of 45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest and repeated the following sequence of six exercises 3 times. All exercises performed with 16 kg kettlebell (35 pounds).

  1. KB Tactical Lunge 
  2. Roundabout Swing (thanks, Tracy Reifkind!)
  3. Burpees
  4. KB Thrusters (5,4,4)
  5. KB Thrusters (5,4,4)
  6. KB Figure-8’s

This workout got me back where I need to be, quick workouts with maximum effort. Afterwards I did my 100 sit upsthen stretched, of course.

jac’s wod


2 – 17 – 12

I felt like jumping rope on friday! So I set my trusty Gymboss (above) for 15 cycles of 45 seconds work, 15 seconds of rest (yes, I use this particular ratio A LOT right now). I did the basic bounce as fast as possible during the work intervals. By the end my heart was racing! I want so badly to do double-unders, but I’m just not there yet!

Next I did a tabata of snatches, alternating arms every 2 sets.

After that I once again did my Bret Contreras (The Glute Guy) butt work.

What a great workout today!


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