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fast n dirty

I have spent most of the weekend playing with my new toys…An ebony chunk of iron named Rogue (20 kg kettlebell), a ridiculously cumbersome 30-pound medicine ball, an Olympic jumprope, and an ABMAT! I swung Rogue, threw (HAHA!) the med ball up at the wall, did some sit ups, and actually performed two consecutive double-unders (whaaaaat???). Kassper told me to pick up my feet and that was all he needed to say. Color me HAPPY.

On Monday we had training at work, so I didn’t have my usual 2 hour break. Instead I did a wod at around 9pm.

jac’s wod

(fast n dirty)


2  –  2 0  –  1 2

Every minute on the minute, 10 swings with Rogue (44 lb.), then 10 prisoner squats (barely kissing the new med ball with my buttocks), for 10 minutes only.

LOL! Sounds like such a simple little wod, and when I was done I was covered in a sheen of fresh sweat.

One thing about me….if I feel like a rep was not good enough (e.g. did not touch the med ball, did not use the right muscles for the movement) I add on another rep. I am kind of hard on myself, cuz nobody else will know whether I tried my hardest, or whether I went “all the way down”. It’s up to me to do the work, and to critique the work.

Using the word cumbersome to describe my medicine ball (very, very accurate) reminded of a great song of the same title, by Seven Mary 3. Listening to it as I write this post!

— J


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