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here’s the dealio

For anyone who doesn’t know me, this blog has been started at an interesting time in my fitness journey. From October of 2011 till New Year’s Eve I completely stopped working out and eating with any kind of sense. I’m not sure why I took such a long break.

One reason? My loving husband of 10 years made a comment about my arms. A few little pernicious words and I immediately wondered if I was getting “too strong”. My body naturally puts on muscle easily and always has. Even at my fattest I had decent-looking arms! I don’t know why I let his comment affect me so much, but I honestly had been working out so hard  that I probably subconsciously craved a break. A three month break, however, is just plain crazy!

Interestingly enough, training with kettlebells for 8 months prior to this sloth-fest seems to have kept me from gaining any weight whatsoever. While my pants were starting to tighten a little too much, and I was definitely exchanging muscle for fat, the number on the scale remained at 130.

But I was not interested in watching myself get flabbier and flabbier to see how long it would take to completely backslide. Starting January 1st I climbed back aboard the fitness wagon! I picked up my kettlebells and my jumprope again and just went right to work. 

I also decided to go in a new nutritional direction this year. I am transitioning to a “paleolithic” diet! Never, ever thought I would seriously try it but the accolades are overwhelming. The main thing that stands out to me is all the people saying how good they feel when they eat like this. I also practice intermittent fasting as outlined by Brad Pilon in his book, Eat Stop Eat, and Ori Hofmekler in his book, The Warrior Diet. These nutritional philosophies combined are working really well for me right now. My stomach is shrinking and I feel stronger every day.

And what about my hulk arms? I’ve got to accept myself the way I am. Kettlebells and weightlifting are things I enjoy, and I’m not going to stop doing them because of someone else’s opinions, though I do respect his thoughts. I know damn well that if my husband could tolerate me weighing more than he did, then he ought to tolerate me with a sexy, sculpted, hot body as well!

*A side note: The incredibly rapid growth of my butt due to glute bridges, deadlifts, and hip thrusts is my consolation prize to hubby. 🙂

It is a testament to the effectiveness of kettlebell training that I was able to take such a long hiatus and not get all that weak. My body was strong when I went into hibernation, and it stayed pretty strong. It’s also a miracle that I am in better shape and stronger than ever after around 2 months of hard work! 

So that’s where I’m at right now… So happy to be moving again and taking care of myself like I deserve!

— J


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