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birthday training

It’s my twenty-eighth birthday today (friday)! Having a great day off to celebrate, just went for a nice long walk with lil C to the park. She wanted to go wandering in the woods, but I knew it would be wet and nasty out there. We were going to play basketball but there was a code on the gate! The park was a ghost town so we walked back and stopped in at the apartment’s little gym. I wanted to see what I could do with the nice dumbbells they have up there. C danced and stretched and experimented with the treadmill while I did dumbbell deadlifts, hang cleans, squats and presses. I can deadlift the 50’s now! I did the other exercises with 30 pounders, and did quite a few of them, just playing around with form. Whenever I just do a bit of messing around with some weights I don’t count it as a wod, and that was all the exercise I needed on my birthday!

jac’s wod


2 – 2 1 – 1 2

AMRAP ( as many rounds as possible) in 10 minutes

I got 5 rounds and one extra set of burpees!

I made this one up and enjoyed it, the med ball slams were NO JOKE.

jac’s wod


2 – 2 2 – 1 2


I feel like I did a great job on this, tried to rest less, and hustle on up that ladder.  I used all of Pavel’s suggestions for the push ups, like tensing my whole body for power, contracting my abdominals, and pretending I’m pushing the earth away from me.  I ran a few sprints and did my 100 ab mat sit ups, with real ab mat (thanks, Dad).

TABATA! Air squats, touching med ball with butt.

Lastly, the Glute Guy butt workout.

Ahhhhh, sweet workout.

No workout on Thursday.


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