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park wod

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful here in my neck of the woods. Celeste and I walked to the park and found some people to play with. While she frolicked and made new friends I busted out a quick wod! 21 – 15 – 9 is popular configuration in Crossfit. Meaning you do 21 reps, then 15 reps, then 9. I had never tried it, so today I gave it a whirl! As always, anything black and bolded can be followed to a tutorial I picked out on youtube (love love love youtube).

jac’s wod


2 – 2 5 – 1 2

21 – 15 – 9

Chased with a tabata alternating jumpropes with high knees (one of my favorite ways to end a workout). I actually thought this was gonna be easy! Shows how much I know.


Such a great dinner tonight! We had salmon filets cooked in bacon grease, topped with guacamole and bacon bits, sweet potato fries cooked in butter (this made them sooo crispy and tasty, best ever), and corn on the cob. Corn is not paleo because it is a grain. Kassper and I got into a discussion about why. He says corn is natural and good, and I told him it’s a grain, so it’s hard for us to digest. We are both opinionated, so we agreed to disagree. The corn was DELICIOUS with butter and sea salt.

I did some research for myself and found that the main problem with eating corn is that the seeds of the corn we buy are genetically-modified. The paleo diet does not include GMO foods. Now, if you bought the corn at Whole Foods and it’s organic, or you grew it yourself (someday!), it is better.

But corn still is very hard for our bodies to digest, as is evidenced by its state in our toilets. Completely intact, no? That freaky fact is proof enough for me that my body doesn’t know what to do with corn. It is also high-glycemic and nutient-poor.

So, since I do like corn a lot, I may eat it seasonally, and only buy it organic. Someday I will have a beautiful veggie and fruit garden of my own! But corn is going to be a “moderation” food for me for now.

An amazing meal after a very nice day! 🙂

salmon, guacamole, bacon, sweet potato fries, and roasted corn



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