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I have a fantastic post in me right now, which I just began writing. I have done some serious webcrawling this week, and some intense, fun training. I have consumed some wonderful, nutritious meals, and a bit of totally trashy fare. BUT, my back is done for the day, and I need to get into […]

feeling pretty dumb

This is a yellow honeydew melon… This is a spaghetti squash… Both yellow, oblong members of the gourd family, but obviously far from the same fruit. I bought one of the above gourds fully thinking I was going to finally try making low-carb spaghetti, and instead felt like an absolute dummy when my husband, the […]

what a week

jac’s wods week of 3 – 19 – 12 (anything bolded and pink is a link that can be followed to a tutorial i’ve selected) monday 1 . farmer’s walk from work to park (.39 miles), alternating hands (16 kg) 2 . practice/warm up: cleans, snatches, windmills, get ups 3 . burpee tabata (like this video, corrects […]

bless me for i have sinned

I promise I have some very important things to blog about including my paleo experience, which has taken some unexpected turns, and my brutal body beatdowns, which have been crueler and more unusual than ever! Today is cheat day and I’m trying something new with that too! We had a wicked storm the other night, […]

female heroes!

Little bit under the weather with a sore throat but I am still kicking, practicing naked swings with a broomstick, doing naked get ups, doing glute bridges to activate my bottom and hunting down the best fat-burning, strength-making, sexy body-building strategies. I have been finding the most awesome blogs to inspire me lately. And rediscovering […]

I love my five fingers.

That is all.

chronicles of strength critique!

BY THE WAY! Big news for me!! I sent a video of my kettlebell practice to Pat Flynn at Chronicles of Strength, and he was NICE enough to give me a critique! He and other members of the site gave me lots to think about. I feel so lucky to have this opportunity…read the post […]

cheat day :) :) :)

Needed donuts. I look ridiculously overjoyed. jac’s wod 3  –   8  –  12 Decided to repeat this workout I did a few weeks ago from Chronicles of Strength. Thanks again to the Eagle for kicking ass with rock tunes to keep me moving. Please excuse my giant, raggedy Jack Daniels t-shirt…it’s my hubby’s and […]

fat loss forever

In an effort to burn some extra calories and try to shave more fat off of my middle, I have revisited a favorite website of mine…. The best thing about this resource is that it is absolutely free. It’s run by Monica Neave, a personal trainer who is all about exercising intelligently and burning […]

paleo makes peanut butter taste like sex…just saying.

 jac’s wod 3  –  5  –  1  2    I didn’t do a wod today, instead I made a video, because a few nights ago I read that the great RKC Pat Flynn of Chronicles of Strength is offering some critiques on his awesome website. I’m also excited to buy some of his ebooks after […]