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fat loss forever

In an effort to burn some extra calories and try to shave more fat off of my middle, I have revisited a favorite website of mine….


The best thing about this resource is that it is absolutely free. It’s run by Monica Neave, a personal trainer who is all about exercising intelligently and burning as much fat as possible! I feel like I need to get back to finding the smartest ways to work out. Last week I tried this awesome workout from her website, and it was so great I had to do it again today. I’ve decided to dedicate two days per week to hiit (high intensity interval training), two days to kettlebell metabolic conditioning, and 1-2 days for dumbbell and kettlebell strength training and practice.

I am getting really strong and toned, but still want to see less fat on my body. I think I’m being impatient, after all, I just started my routine 2 months ago and have already seen amazing results. I’ve gotten a breast lift, butt lift, and major tightening all over.

But the butt takes the cake. Using Bret Contreras’ advice I have seen changes in my ass I never, ever thought possible. It’s completely reshaped!

Check out THE GLUTE GUY for the free workout that changed my butt.

ms. new booty!

check out my videos to see how my butt looked 2 months ago. HUGE DIFFERENCE.

BUT ENOUGH ABOUT MY HINEY! Monica at freeworkoutsguide.com has put together some really cool information and totally free workouts to try out. She is very versatile, with options using your own bodyweight, Valslides, kettlebells, and the TRX Suspension System (totally want). I found some excellent ways to incorporate tabatas effectively. She loves them as much as I do! While I don’t like the ubiquitous message that women shouldn’t lift too heavy, which is kind of what I get from some of her commentary, I do love her nutritional philosophy and her workout methods. This is the workout I did from her site today, kicked my ass!!!

jac’s wod

3  –  6  –  1  2

I did this work out at the park. I used the boss throughout this workout, changing the intervals as necessary, only took a sec and I kept moving as I set my timer. 

  • walk for 4 minutes at a moderate to fast pace to warm up
  • set  timer for tabata (8 rounds of 20:10) of jump rope (regular)
  • set timer for 3 minutes and run (I chose to sprint the hills adjacent to the playground)
  • set timer for another tabata and do high-knee jump rope
  • set timer for 3 minutes and walk at a fast pace (I stayed on the hills)
  • do yet another tabata, this time doing a half-twister jump rope (kind of a moguls jump)

I loved this workout! Afterward I headed over to the monkey bars and did a 3×3 of pull ups. Can’t believe I can do three in a row now (underhand)! Then I ran my happy ass back to work, and do you know something? Whilst normally when I run I am impatiently waiting to be done with it, I actually enjoyed it. It was so windy out and I was running against the wind, in the grass, and it just felt awesome to not feel winded or uncomfortable.

I hope all this interval madness pays off! I already feel like a million bucks, don’t see how life could get any better. Tomorrow is a rest day which is wonderful since I CAN”T GET SLEEPY! Going to rub coconut oil on myself and read till I pass out.

— J


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