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paleo makes peanut butter taste like sex…just saying.

 jac’s wod

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 I didn’t do a wod today, instead I made a video, because a few nights ago I read that the great RKC Pat Flynn of Chronicles of Strength is offering some critiques on his awesome website. I’m also excited to buy some of his ebooks after learning more about his training philosophy and watching some great videos on his site. I look forward to getting myself fixed! I made this video and a few others to send in. I can already see areas where I can improve, including my range of  motion. Check out my videos page soon for more of my training videos from today.


While I am sorry for the graphic title of this post, I do not apologize for the crunchy, yummy spoonful of PB I ate tonight. Unfortunately, almond butter is not exactly to my family’s liking, so I still buy natural peanut butter regularly for them. I opened the pantry this evening and it was looking right at me. While I am still excited about my Paleo excursions, money is tight and I have been kind of bored with my tuna, omega 3 eggs, and chicken. I will happy when I can go buy a bunch of new spices and exciting vegetables like spaghetti squash and multi-colored bell peppers. I pickled some jalapenos and cucumbers over the weekend, which were really tasty and super spicy. The recipe is here. The great thing about this diet is I am  becoming more and more creative with vegetables. They really are delicious, when cooked right and with love. I made kale for the first time last week and truly did love it!  It and bacon go together beautifully.

half pound hamburger topped with mustard, fried egg, avocado, and pickled jalapenos...with green beans and ham from emeril. lol the ham is blueish because it was leftovers from our neighbors' green eggs and ham breakfast.

—  J


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