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female heroes!

Little bit under the weather with a sore throat but I am still kicking, practicing naked swings with a broomstick, doing naked get ups, doing glute bridges to activate my bottom and hunting down the best fat-burning, strength-making, sexy body-building strategies.

I have been finding the most awesome blogs to inspire me lately. And rediscovering things that I liked and then got away from. Here’s a list (hehe…love lists).

1.) zuzana light (formerly of bodyrockTV)! (moved HERE)

*gasp* I know, it’s softcore porn, it’s sexist, she never lifts heavy, and it misleads people into thinking that 10 minutes a day of high intensity intervals of bodyweight exercises will get them in the best shape of their lives. Whoo, that was a mouthful (that’s what she said).

But there are lots of good things to be said about Zuzana Light. For one thing, if you didn’t know she and the co-founder of Bodyrock.TV, Freddie, have broken up. I thought I was going crazy when I randomly revisited the site and there was some other, tiny little chick and some GUY working out…Where the hell is Zuzana, I wondered!! She is Bodyrock. Her accent, her diet tips, her BURPEES. Turns out the happy couple split, but Zu’s pics were still all over the site. I was personally angry that Freddie got to keep the website and Zu was relegated to the outskirts of Youtube.

I don’t know if she walked away or what, but it just made her seem a billion times more real and humble to me, especially since it seems she even ceased working out for a brief period. She got a camera and went right back to work doing what she loves and helping tons of people. If that isn’t inspiring, I don’t know what is.

She now produces “ZWOWS” (for Zuzana’s Workout of the Week) which are fast paced, AMRAP challenges with hardcore bodyweight exercises, kettlebell lifts, and plenty of burpees. I like them better than her old ones, and I do actually like plenty of her challenges from the Bodyrock era. On a side note, she says something at the beginning of each video that is completely unintelligible to me, but sounds a lot like the greeting she used on the bodyrock vids, “Hi, Bodyrockers!” LOL! What is she saying? Can you tell me? I wrote down a few ZWOWs to try. Will let you know how it goes. Anyways, I like her, and want to support her new venture…I am so happy to see her using kettlebells, too! 🙂 Now her claim to fame of quick results might actually work for normal people.

2.) azul far, of metalfitness

Azul Far of metalfitness @ Youtube is just FABULOUS. She has only a few videos posted, but I am in love with the thrash soundtrack, kettlebells, high intensity intervals, and plyometrics. She just does it all. Bodyweight, dumbbells, jumprope, dancing, all the important movements for a human body. Some gems I gleaned were ninja jump tucks, modified wall walks, kicks holding a kettlebell, and more. Azul uses a light kettlebell, which is actually kind of cool for beginners. She has upgraded to I think 20 and 23 pounds recently. I personally would probably use 20 or 25 because the moves are kind of fast, and sometimes set to music. I can’t see myself dancing with Black Betty.

Azul is also in a band called The Union and is a talented musician! I would love to see more videos from her. The jumprope Rammstein routine is priceless. I have been doing ninja jump tucks like crazy since viewing this FITNESS SUPERSTAR!


Tracy Reifkind  is just a fucking badass. I have been watching her videos about power swings of late. I’m trying to figure out if she has children, I’m not sure. I don’t know why this is so important to me, but I like to know whether someone has kids. She has a book coming out called THE SWING 🙂 and I am excited that the world will have access to this wonderful, healing movement. Tracy lost 100 pounds in something like a year, is Mark Reifkind’s wife, and has badass body art, what more could I ask for? Check out her blog for her inspirational story and SHIT-TONS of free workouts and techniques to try. The first move I learned from her was the roundabout swing, which is a left arm one-handed swing, then a 2 hand swing, then a right arm one-handed swing, then back to a 2 hand swing. Nice for conditioning, and not getting too tired.

So I guess these are my three heroes for the moment, Zuzana, Azul, and Tracy. And they are all women 🙂 love it. Was looking for a link to Tracy’s new book and stumbled upon the fact that Lauren Brooks Miller, another superstar kettlebell goddess has released a book called Kettlebells for Women. Soon nobody will look askance at my minimalist footwear!

I hope someday kettlebells  are commonplace for everyone.

— J


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