feeling pretty dumb

This is a yellow honeydew melon…

This is a spaghetti squash…

Both yellow, oblong members of the gourd family, but obviously far from the same fruit. I bought one of the above gourds fully thinking I was going to finally try making low-carb spaghetti, and instead felt like an absolute dummy when my husband, the produce expert, told me it was not a squash! He had a good laugh at me and then made me eat real pasta with my omega-3 meatballs! …Okay, he didn’t force-feed me, but it just looked too good to ignore.

He just cut up my melon and it is white inside and very sweet & tasty! I suppose that is some consolation. Celeste and I have been super adventurous this week, trying plantains, fresh coconut, and this totally refreshing yellow honeydew. Today was so hot it was a perfect snack with some cold white zinfandel.

jac’s wod

3  –  2 4  –  1 2

From Girya Girl, a fantastic kettlebell resource with tons of free workouts. You’re supposed to repeat each circuit thrice, but I was tired after a long, hot day at the park, where I practiced pullups (I can do five now!!).

warm up – jumprope, joint mobility, deadlifts, and running on the stairs

Circuit 1

(repeated twice)

  • 20 two hand kettlebell swings (16 kg)
  • 20 leg raises
  • 20 push ups
  • 2 x kettlebell goblet squat with 30 sec hold at bottom*
  • rest a bit

*When I do goblet squats I try to channel Pat Flynn and stick my butt out as much as possible, keeping my back nice & straight!

Circuit 2


  • 20 alternating kettlebell back lunges (16 kg)
  • 10 kettlebell snatches per arm (25 pounds)
  • 20 step ups per leg
  • rest a bit

Circuit 3

(repeated thrice)

  • 10 single leg kettlebell deadlift per leg (16 kg)
  • 10 alternating kettlebell rows
  • 20 two hand kettlebell swings (20 kg)
  • rest a bit

Overall, very happy with my progress in the strength department, can now do five strict pull ups consecutively, 35 push ups consecutively, and can snatch a 16 kg kettlebell 3 times consecutively. And I weigh 125 pounds, which is on the light side for me. My abs are starting to become visible!

When I dropped down to 118 pounds eating low carb and doing exercises DVD’s like Jillian Michaels, I thought I looked sick.

me, eating low-carb

And my husband, FORGET ABOUT IT! When he met me, he met a curvy, short woman who weighed around 155. This was not the body type he signed up for. Now, he is devoted to me, and would love me no matter my size, which is evidenced by his complete and utter denial that I ever weighed over 200 pounds.

me, eating high-carb

But the truth is, I like butts, and thighs, and curves. Metabolic conditioning that utilizes heavy weights has proved to be the strategy that has allowed me to retain my curves, and size, while torching fat, sculpting, and tightening. I am certainly not small now! And never have I felt sexier. I’m sure I am too muscular for a lot of peoples’ tastes, but being strong is personally satisfying to me, and is a means by which I can lengthen my life to be around longer for my daughter.

Oh, and now I will eat an entire sweet potato, or two bananas without blinking an eyelash. I heart carbs!

— J


2 comments on “feeling pretty dumb

  1. I am glad you didn’t bake the melon!!!!! 🙂

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