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I have a fantastic post in me right now, which I just began writing. I have done some serious webcrawling this week, and some intense, fun training. I have consumed some wonderful, nutritious meals, and a bit of totally trashy fare.

BUT, my back is done for the day, and I need to get into a reclining position ASAP. Also, I am going to the free workout at Crossfit Dallas Central in the morning and need to be rested! But the draft is saved and the post will up in a jiffer!

Please bear with me, I have a full time job and full time child that suck up vast amounts of my energy and time. But I am eager to share all the new information I’m soaking up right now! It is some life-changing business, and I hope I can help at least one person see the wisdom so readily available for anyone and everyone’s taking.

I have never felt more in tune with the universe, or more humble, or more happy. I think that learning to be inside your body, present and fully alive, in tune and in the moment, somehow makes the world more vibrant, more enjoyable and infinitely more satisfying. My depression and anxiety are gone. My outlook is completely positive, and I feel more relaxed than ever. Everything is easier! Reminds me of a great quote from yogi Baron Baptiste,

“Don’t try hard, try easy.”


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