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crucial insight attained!

I have mentioned on this blog my use of exercise and a healthy diet as a self-imposed treatment for my major depression and borderline disorder. Nothing else has helped me more, including medication and self-medication. My healthy lifestyle has effectively kicked my psychological problems’ collective ass! But I realized something just now, related to intensity. […]

workout log

jac’s wod april fool’s day Today I was honoring my new system and did a very easy workout. It consisted of push ups, plank knee-ins, plank holds, leg raises, and walk outs to push ups (standing then bending down and walking your hands out to plank position then doing a push up, then walking your […]

less is more & back to basics

I have been working hard on getting back into really good shape after a three month hiatus during the end of last year. In just three months, by focusing on my diet and my workouts, I have become my strongest and sexiest ever. Here is a list of the things I think have most influenced […]