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april fool’s day

Today I was honoring my new system and did a very easy workout. It consisted of push ups, plank knee-ins, plank holds, leg raises, and walk outs to push ups (standing then bending down and walking your hands out to plank position then doing a push up, then walking your hands back up to standing). All this just poolside, in sets of 10 or so. It was just a very beautiful afternoon, and Celeste played in the fountain while I did a little somethin’ somethin’…

Sometimes at night I do some sit ups with my abmat, or practice the turkish get up, or do a few heavy swings. I like this idea of mini-workouts, got it from Mark Sisson in “The 21-day Primal Blueprint”. At work me and the children will do random tabatas in the afternoon. They really do seem to enjoy me doing high knees and ninja tuck jumps, while making comical noises. They are toddlers, so they just kind of bounce up n down.

I think I may still be overdoing the intensity sometimes, but I am getting the hang of easy!

4  –  2  –  1 2


Today was another easy day! This is killing me, haha. I did take my 20 kg kettlebell to work, but all I did was one turkish get up on each side, trying my absolute hardest to focus on proper form. Then I did a few with no kettlebell, for practice. Then I plugged in my earbuds and walked to the park at a leisurely pace. I love getting midday sunshine, sometimes I think it is the main thing keeping me sane. (And it is part of a primal lifestyle!) I work out outside whenever possible.

An interesting tidbit from Mark Sisson, of MarksDailyApple.com and author of “The Primal Blueprint”, “Not only is low level aerobic activity the natural evolutionary expectation of the body, it’s flat out beneficial in its own right.”

Read more here. So I really did walk very naturally, at a brisk but relaxed pace. At the park I just lay out for a while, listened to music and stretched a little bit. I think I did some push ups in the evening.

4  –  3  –  1 2


Okay enough of the easy, time for something challenging! And all kettlebell. I took the crossfit dumbbell “bear” complex and tweaked it for my available equipment, a 20 kg kettlebell and a 25 pound kettlebell.

Five rounds

  1. Single leg deadlift (5 per leg, 20 kg)
  2. Kettlebell cleans (5 per arm, 20 kg)
  3. Kettlebell snatches (5 per arm, 25 lb)
  4. Kettlebell front squats (5)
  5. Rest 2 minutes

I probably would have done more after this, but Tuesday was a crazy work day and I only got one hour for my break. It was lightly sprinkling out as I completed this complex, but little did I know that tornadoes were brewing in our area. I was back inside starting a tabata of high knees when we had to go into emergency tornado protection mode, combining all the sleeping babies in one crib and taking them into the hallway for coverage! We spent two hours like this, then everything was safe and sound. Apparently the storms were within blocks of us, but thankfully we were just fine. Crazy day…


4  –  4  –  1 2


Today was absolutely gorgeous outside, after yesterday’s hellish chaos. That’s Texas for you! So I did a kettlebell swing work out outdoors on my lunchbreak. To warm up, I did joint mobility and one turkish get up on each side with my 25 pound kettlebell.

Oh hold up, one thing that is really irking me is that I can’t find my GYMBOSS!! I don’t know what the hell I did with the thing. My daughter probably hid it somewhere. She does that kind of thing.

So I had to steal a wall clock and use that for my intervals. Tracy Reifkind says that, ultimately, you should be swinging using equal work to rest times. Right now I figured I could do 45 seconds swing (20kg, two hands), 45 seconds rest for 10 minutes. I was a little too optimistic! This was my first time swinging the 20 kg continuously.

  1. 5 minutes 45:45
  2. 5 minutes I had to down to 30:30, and my hands were still on fire.
  3. Jumprope tabata alternating high knees and regular
  4. 5 sprints, 10 sec rest between
  5. Snatch tabata (25 lb)
  6. Glute Guy Butt Work Out
  7. A nice stretch in the sun.

This evening I’ve played around with pressing, snatching, and cleaning my 1 pood, and now I think I’ll go do some sit ups and hip thrusts. I like to randomly pick up my bell and do some windmills or something, and I know it is beneficial to my strength training. I plan to take off tomorrow, then walk on Friday (5 miles, 3mph, a favorite trek of mine is to Walmart and back to work).

On Saturday I will do a short but very, very intense kettlebell workout, and whatever other activities Celeste and I feel like doing together. She has recently taken to walking on the treadmill.

I hope I am being moderate enough, mixing easy with hard in a healthy balance. I sure do feel good, and strong. Think I will like taking it easier. 🙂

– J


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