I’m still here…

jac’s wod

5  –  9  –  12

Warm up: Joint mobility, followed by jumprope/hi knee tabata

Taking it easy on myself today! I love this style of conditioning session. Used only my 20 kg kettlebell today, and tried to use my very best form, AS ALWAYS! 😀

Part 1


Every minute on the minute:

-10 2-Hand Kettlebell Swings

– 5 Push Ups

– 1 Squat Thrust

(active rest till end of minute)

Part 2

Suitcase Deadlift

Farmer’s Walk 25 ft., switch hands

Suitcase Deadlift, opposite side

Farmer’s Walk 25 more feet

Sprint to start, then back to kettlebell

Repeat x5

Part 3

6 Goblet Squats

1:00 rest

Repeat x5

Lastly, I did 10 burpees for the hell of it, and to make sure I still could! I think my Crossfit experimentation days are probably behind me, I much prefer doing simple strength and conditioning workouts with my kettlebells and walking.

I am currently rereading Pavel’s “The Naked Warrior”, and am going to attempt to get really good at pistol squats and maybe, just maybe,  pull off a one-armed push up or two!

I really get a kick out of getting stronger and Pavel’s advice is always practical and easy to follow. I will write more about my new, improved strength practice soon.

After a paleo (I find myself actually desiring paleo-style meals more and more often, yay!) dinner my baby girl and I went for a nice little walk and stopped in at the gym where she acted silly and I did a descending ladder from 6 of dumbbell deadlifts using two 50-pound dumbbells.

Tomorrow I think I am ready to tackle an awesome Marianne Kane workout. I haven’t had the gusto for one of hers lately, but I think it’s time to dust off my little blue notebook and do some hard work, Irish style!

On Friday I am hoping to go to the park to do some sprints and pull up practice, using “The Naked Warrior” tension techniques.


2 comments on “I’m still here…

  1. Squats and deadlifts will definetly make your butt larger as well as thighs. But your waist shrinks too. The problem is doing the correct form under heavy weight. You have to maintain proper posture in the spine without rounding or hyperflexing the spine.

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