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the legs, the butt, and nothing but

jac’s wod

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I know I said I would do a workout from MyomyTV.com today…I lied! I was looking for one that didn’t include too much shoulder, chest, or arms in general cuz I’m a little fried. Finally I just jotted something down that seemed doable. I brought my16 kg and 20 kg kettlebells with me to work and did this on my lunch break.

Warm up: Joint mobility and 2 turkish get ups on each side with 16 kg

Part 1

2 rounds, 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest intervals

alternating kettlebell tactical lunges (14, 16 kg, 20 kg)

single leg deadlifts left (8, 16 kg)

single leg deadlifts right (8)

kettlebell front squat left (8, 16 kg)

kettlebell front squat right (8)

2 hand kettlebell swings (didn’t count, too focused, 20 kg)

Part 2

1:00 hip extension stretch R leg

1:00 hip extension stretch L leg


2 sets of 10 5-second isometric holds

20 kg kettlebell glute bridge (these look a bit risque…)

bird dog

lying abduction

s       t      r     e     t     c     h

Pavel says in his book, “Relax Into Stretch”, that Americans don’t have the patience to stretch properly. So, to try to prove him wrong, I stretch for at least 20 minutes and damn, does it ever feel good.

I love stretching my glutes after doing the above glute and leg work that I got from Bret Contreras’ article on T-Nation,  “Dispelling the Glute Myth”.  The workout seems simple but my glutes scream for mercy by the end. I always think about my butt as I’m doing the movements, and I try to use the glutes as much as possible. It may sound funny, but I really do believe it is lifting, growing, and tightening my rear like nothing else has. Now I just need to start deadlifting and squatting some real weight (on a barbell!) to hopefully see some Beyonce-caliber hypertrophy happening on my backside!

I definitely won’t be doing any pull ups tomorrow, I am going to rest instead, as I am super sore in a nice-feeling way. Peace out!



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