the return of the queen

Okay, so I’m going to start blogging sometimes again, but I’m not making any promises as to the frequency or quality of my posts. Feeling frazzled lately, and really just trying to take it easy whenever possible. My job is such a crazy, wonderful place that never, ever stops hoppin’. When I get over-stressed I get off my nutritional path of excellence… and then start to miss workouts.. and finally, disintegrate into a puddle of slovenly, sad mess. It is a cycle I loathe, but it’s good to be so aware of what’s happening because I’m able to nip it in the bud when I see it starting.

I actually have still been working out quite a bit, just not as hard as I was when I was doing Marianne Kane-style workouts 5 days a week. I lost my gymboss! And I still have to buy myself a new one. So I have still been utilizing intervals but with a wall clock, which I feel is much less effective than the timer, because I’m partially distracted by watching the clock. Gymboss= awesome. I do tabatas, kettlebell work, long walks, run sprints, and jump rope. I’m very happy with this combination and always have fun training. My torture of choice of late is heavy (20 kg) goblet squats.

friday wod

– 2 cycles of tabata with the following exercises:

  • 16 kg high pulls R
  • 16 kg high pulls L
  • 20 kg tactical lunges
  • push ups
  • 20 kg goblet squats
  • 16 kg one arm swing R
  • 16 kg one arm swing L
  • leg raises

– another cycle of tabata doing squat-tap-taps (deep sumo squat touch floor, then two jumps, legs together, in place.)

-descending push up ladder, as little rest as possible 10-1 (ouch!)

– 3 x 3 16 kg windmills each side (oof!)

-4 sets of 25 fast sit ups (30 sec rest between sets)

-.4 mile run to park and back to work

-10 leg raises

– streeeeeetch and backbends

starting a whole 30 sept 1st, who’s with me??

Results of a so-so diet (more good than bad) and 4-5 kettlebell training sessions per week.


2 comments on “the return of the queen

  1. You still looks great. Would love to see this exercises in video form. Not sure what some of those exercises are like tactical lunges and goblets. Since you don’t have much time you might benefit from Leangains IF style fasting. Also sweet potatoes will be your friend if you do this style of intensity all the time. You probably could cut back to 3 times a week with a tighter diet. Less burn outs too.

    • hello! for a long time i was doing IF and I have read some about lean gains method. lately i can’t seem to fast, i think i’m too stressed out. i think first i’m gonna get the diet tightened, then add in some IF! i have been avoiding sweet potatoes and trying to only eat them and fruit post-workout, but i think this is too unforgiving, and may be why i’m feeling deprived! (less sugars) thanks for the very sound advice and support, and as soon as i get a camera again i will be filming every session 🙂

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