Me, my kettlebell, and the first day of fall.

One of the greatest things about kettlebells, in my opinion, is that you can create a workout from scratch. Just picking up your kettlebell and practicing your skills can segue into a kickass sweat session.

Case in point, yesterday I took my awesome daughter, Celeste, to the pool for a little while. I had a choice between laying poolside and knockin back a few Pabst Blue Ribbons or bringing my kettlebell with me and working out before we went to dinner. I made a good choice and brought my 16 kg with me instead of the cold brews. I had no plan at all, but I have been following Tracy Reifkind (KETTLEBELL GODDESS!) closely lately, and have been focusing on my swing, and integrating high-volume swing workouts into my routine.

I did a joint mobility warm up as usual, which is energizing and feels good in itself. I love warming up like this! Here is a video that I found a long time ago, when I was first starting with kettlebells, and I still follow this template almost every session. Check out this woman’s other videos, she is something else!

Here’s what I did, off the top of my head:

-2 Turkish Get Up, R, L


I repeated the following circuit three times, and was sweating real nice.

-5 One Arm Swings, R, L

-15 2 Hand Swings

-5 Cleans R, 5 Jerk R

-5 Cleans L, 5 Jerk L

-Walk around pool to cool down

-20 Box Jumps onto pooldeck

After this I did some more messing around for a bit:

-3 sets of 5 windmills, R/L

-3 sets of 20 2-hand swings

-walking around the pooldeck with the kettlebell in overhead press position

-elevated feet push ups

Lately I end every session with glute bridges and backbends, something I picked up from Girya Girl, Adrienne Harvey. It feels great to bend like that after all that swingin! I melt into corpse pose at the very end, and feel so strong and happy lying in a pool of my own sweat. 🙂

But the whole point of this post is that kettlebells are so easy, and are a no-brainer. I didn’t need anything but one kettlebell and a little less than an hour to get in some good, hard work. I rested as needed, and my heart rate stayed in a nice place for fatburning. I walked away to talk to my daughter and her friend when I was summoned, or when I just took a small breather. Perfect for moms! If you’re tied to a cardio machine somewhere, or a TV screen, you can’t enjoy the beautiful outdoors and your child as you train. I find this unique and empowering.

Please check out the awesome new Facebook community created by Lauren Brooks (KETTLEBELL QUEEN!) and friends, Strong Kettlebell MomsVote for my picture in the contest (Jacqi Guillory), if you have a second, por favor!

Here is my latest form check video, but I have already made some improvements. I am working on my range of motion (reaching back further between my legs, and bringing the kettlebell to eye level on the upswing). I also want my upper body more parallel to the floor on the down-swing and to keep a neutral spine consistently. New video to come soon!

Kettlebells + good music = training heaven.


2 comments on “Me, my kettlebell, and the first day of fall.

  1. With the swing you might want to try to keep those arms a bit straighter. I add more of a pelvic thrust at the end to get the bell past my eye and almost over my head. Also for fun you might want to try doing squats with kettlebell, but trying to get your butt bellow your knees.

    • I was doing deep KB goblet squats, just today and it felt great! I will try to watch the arms and will continue to work on my thrust. Thanks for the comments!

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