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Diet Update & Extreme Walking :)

I am feeling really good and strong this fall! Been working hard and training since the beginning of the year, and I am maintaining a weight of 125 and still losing fat, by and by. Last year I spent the last three months eating and not training at all. I think I had burned myself out! I ate pie, donuts, whatever I felt like eating, althoug I have to say my appetite has steadily shrunk, I don’t know if it’s due to limiting my food whilst semi-dieting or just because I’m getting older (speeding towards thirty!). I didn’t gain much weight during my healthy lifestlye hiatus (around five pounds) and I attribute this to heavy kettlebell use in the months before. I did start exchanging muscle for fat at the very end of the year, and snapped out of my funk immediately. I did NOT want to backtrack and start making serious gains again!

D i e t   U p d a t e   F a l l   2 0 1 2

This year I have dabbled in paleo, and am still very interested in this way of eating. I gleaned a lot of information when I was studying up on primal/paleo. I eat more fat, and from better sources. I fast intermittently. I eat more vegetables, and a wider variety. I’m very nutrition-oriented. That said, I haven’t opted to go full on paleo at the moment, because I just cannot afford it! There, I said it! I can’t buy grass-fed butter or beef. I can’t afford coconut OR almond flour for when I want a treat. I can’t shop at Whole Foods and buy organic produce. Even almond butter is hard to make room in the budget for! Not to mention the fact that I haven’t yet sold my family on living grain-free, and I don’t even think I’ve sold myself on the idea.

When I read Sarah Fragoso’s “Everyday Paleo” I was struck by some facts therein. Gluten is pervasive when consumed and stays in your body for a long time. To truly reap the benefits of a paleo diet, you would have to abstain from grains, dairy and sugar completely for months on end. I don’t know if I can commit to that right now. I still want to eat pancakes occasionally. I still want to eat pasta occasionally, and I don’t want to stress myself out avoiding the foods I want to eat. I think eventually I will be ready to make a drastic overhaul of our diets, and that day is not too far off. I am making more room in the budget for food, so I can really strive for my whole family to eat better.

As of right now, I am trying to make simple changes, such as, we eat more veggies than ever before, at every single meal. We don’t eat out a lot. We eat real food only. We don’t consume polyunsaturated fats, or trans fats. We don’t eat beans or soy products. We don’t use artificial sweeteners.

I, personally, am carb backloading. This is what my day looks like:

5:00 am   – Wake up, get ready, drink coffee, catch bus.

11:30am – Consume some protein(hard boiled egg/lunch meat), fat, and vegetable or something like blueberries

                     (this meal is very small)

12:30pm – Train kettlebells or walk or do sprints or jumprope or a combination (5-6 days per week)!

2:00pm   – Post-Training – A large meal that is mainly paleo, meat and vegetables and fat. Sometimes cheese.

 6-9pm     – Feasting period – Whatever the hell I feel like eating, but still mostly prepared in a  nutritious, clean way.

                    – Lately this includes cereal, pumpkin pie, potatoes, sweet potatoes, roasted carrots, pasta, or bread, all consumed with protein. Sometimes coffee, wine, or beer.

                    – Lots of calories consumed during this period.

All of sudden my abs are popping out, I am slimming down, and I feel like She-ra! 

Interesting….very interesting indeed!

My once-cumbersome 20 kg kettlebell is now easy to swing. I can now clean and press it as well. I can sprint with ease and pretty fast, too. My body feels like it’s functioning very well. I am energetic all day long. I never feel sluggish, and I’m completely satisfied with the food I’m eating.

In conclusion, this is the best way for me to eat right now. I don’t feel deprived, and that is a big thing. I am so active and so busy that I don’t want to be stressed out because I can’t eat what I want. When I can afford higher quality ingredients, I want to expand our nutritional horizons even more and find ways to eliminate more bad guys from our eats. But we are making progress, and all of us have lost a little weight. Winning! 

T r a i n i n g   U p d a t e:

Extreme Walking!

I started something I call “extreme walking”. I do this once or twice a week, and it is very invigorating, and burns shit-ton of calories.

I suit up and plug in my earphones on full blast. I walk from my job to Wal-Mart and then back, which is five miles round trip. I stop at certain spots where there are little half-walls and do  step ups on each leg, usually a set of 10 on each, sometimes 20. Sometimes, lately, I run a sprinting interval around 30 seconds or 2 neighborhood blocks. I walk at a pretty good clip (3-4 mph). Sometimes I stop and do 10-20 elevated leg push ups, on a hill or half-wall. Just walking alone, this jaunt would burn around 300 some calories, according to my calculations. But the killer is the middle part, at Wal-Mart on the side of George Bush Turnpike is a very steep-grade concrete hill. I run up this 10-15 times, as hard as possible, walking on the downgrade. I need to get a Body Bug, so I can figure out exactly how many calories I’m burning, but I know it is a lot. The high intensity bursts of sprinting and uphill runs increase the fat burning element.

I did this yesterday, on Friday, and finished my 5 miles in an hour and five minutes, a new record. Today is Saturday so I just did some kettlebell freestyle practice.

I repeated each of these 3 times, with plenty of rest and attention to form.

  • 2 hand heavy swings (20kg) (sometimes 10, sometimes 20)
  • 20 kg goblet squats (6)
  • 16 kg roundabout swings (30)
  • 16 kg cleans (5)
  • 20 kg clean & push press (1 R/L)


  • Korn – Got the Life
  • Rammstein – Ich Tu Dir Veh
  • Kanye West  – Monster
  • Tool – Lateralus
  • Metallica – All Nightmare Long

Not too hard, and not too easy work today! Love playing with my bell. And I can still pay attention to my kid in between sets 🙂 This is the first time I’ve tried cleaning and pressing the 20 kg. Very excited to do it some more.

Happy snatching!

– J


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