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New Year Update

Started back training with my trusty kettlebells on the first of the year and trained so hard I done went and hurt my back. Have lots of new videos of my progress this year (was lazy for most of December and ate a lot of trash) on my youtube channel. I overdid it and definitely felt it.

With my newfound determination to be Russian Kettlebell Challenge-ready by next year, I went to Dragon Door, the best kettlebell resource I know of, to look for someone in my area certified in RKC. I found Christian Washington and his gym, Paramount Strength & Conditioning right away, read a favorable review for Mr. Washington and went to check them both out. How lucky was I that the gym was having an open house tonight!  I got to meet him in person and show him my 2-hand swing and turkish get-up with an 8kg kettlebell. How great to get such invaluable feedback! And positive too. 🙂

Here are some pics of my friend and I deadlifting 135 pounds tonight. I am 130 pounds right now, and this is my first heavy-ish deadlift, ever! So awesome! The gym was so nice and the people were incredibly friendly and helpful. I would recommend it without hesitation to anyone & everyone.

565984_10200526481430188_1415818235_n_phixr 24177131 710811_10200526471669944_1138669963_n_phixr

Paramount has a program that just launched this month called Beauty by Barbell, and I am really excited to try a class! I have been wanting to get my hands on a nice, heavy barbell for quite a while now, and I think this might be the right place to give it a try!

Really happy to be eating healthy again and working toward my goals, feels good.



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