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And now for something completely different…

I promised I would talk more about Carb Back Loading and I plan on doing just that, but I want to make sure I can write a clear, thoughtful, and scientific explanation for people who are curious. So I need to do more research, and take a little time. My writing is also rusty with under-use. Gotta dust the cobwebs off of my communication skills, as I mainly converse and interact with three-year-olds!

Worked my central nervous system out just trying to get this photo!

Worked my central nervous system out just trying to get this photo!

 Today is just training talk. I am still slinging kettlebells and walking like a mad woman. I have found that the quickest commute to work happens to include a 1.4 mile walk. Which is fine by me, cuz it gives me a chance to amp up my fatburning in the A.M. when I am fasted. I walk for about seven hours per week, at around 3 mph. I eat a little something with my kiddos at work at around 11:15/11:30 am (usually hard-boiled eggs, sliced turkey, meatballs, or a low sugar whey protein drink), then train kettlebells a few times a week at 12:30/1:00 pm.

I am re-reading “Enter the Kettlebell” by Pavel Tsatsouline and on Thursday I incorporated part of his Program Minimum Plan into my training. First I practiced military pressing 16kg and did some heavy windmills and then 5 minutes of turkish get-ups. For 15 minutes I did 10-12 kettlebell swings with 20 kg (44 pounds) then jogged a hundred yards or so, then repeated. I definitely felt the burn, but it was a pleasant session. The jogging was slow n easy, barefoot runnin in the grass, for active recovery from the swings, which I did do with a good, hard level of intensity. It was a very nice day and I really enjoyed myself. Here are a few videos:

Kettlebell Military Press Practice

Kettlebell Swing Form Check Video 4-25-13

On Friday I did 10 minutes of heavy 2-hand swings with my 20 kg, 30 seconds work/30 seconds rest. Then I did a total of 50 goblet squats with the same bell, broken down into sets of 8-10. Then I did my butt workout, which consists of kettlebell glute bridge, bird-dog, and side-lying leg adduction. I was distracted and emotional on this day, but the sweat helped a lot.

Saturday I played around with kneeling kettlebell overhead presses and taped it. I practiced my turkish get up and got quite a workout trying to take cool pictures of myself with my bells (see above)! My heart rate went up everytime I posed until I got it right. Then I performed a 10 minute workout called “Sinister” by Tracy Reifkind, kettlebell goddess. You can try it yourself on youtube! It is no effing joke. My arms were smoked after!

Kneeling Kettlebell Press

“Sinister” 5-10-15-20

After Sinister, I went and ate some free pizza at my apartments’ office, because it was finally 6pm, and time to eat. I don’t know what got into me, because after I ate and talked and socialized for a bit I wandered over to the gym to play with dumbbells. I wanted to try something new so I did dumbbell bench press, using 30 pounders. Here’s the vid:

Dumbbell Bench Press

Today is Sunday…..and I love Sundays. I wanted to do something high-intensity, so I was going to do my sprints. Somehow I couldn’t get excited (imagine that) about them, so I did a little research on Dangerously Hardcore and found a new method to try for my HIIT (high intensity interval training). I did the recumbent bike, alternating 2 minutes of easy pedaling with 1 minute of all out 100% effort, repeating 6 times for a total of 18 minutes. HOLY HAMSTRINGS…my heart rate never got under 120 the entire duration, and my buns were feeling the “love”. Going to be doing this again. After that I jogged to the park and did some chin up practice, then jogged home. Here are my chins:

Chin Ups

I came home and did some nice, relaxing, body-opening yoga with my favorite yogi, Baron Baptiste (on youtube). Here is the video I followed. I felt so calm and peaceful afterward…I think my next goal is to add 20 minutes of yoga per day, followed by 5 minutes of meditation.

Flow Practice to Prepare for Meditation with Baron Baptiste



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