Bret Contreras, My Hero!


I posted this picture on my facebook today to show my progress in building my perfect backside using advice found on Marianne Kane’s blog, MyomyTV.com and in various articles by Bret Contreras and Christine Beachamp (supergirl powerlifter). After more than a year of focusing on glute training, fat loss, and getting stronger overall, this is the result. The video below is me before implementing exercises like glute activation drills, glute bridges, adduction, hip thrusts and bird-dogs. I’m wearing the same pants…Mind you, I looked like this in 2011, then I put on weight a couple of times between then and now, and got chunky in the behind. My ass had a droopy, lumpy shape I just did not like a whole lot.

I also attribute my hip and glute development to a pretty consistent and (I think!) well-rounded kettlebell practice. Your hips get a great workout driving a nice heavy bell. Before this video I was doing my Jillian MIchaels ‘Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism, Tae Bo, running (or trying to, with my weakish glutes), and yoga/pilates. I got nice arms, fat loss, some ab definition, but a shrinking booty. I knew I had to find something better if I wanted to maintain the bigger butt I was used to having (I store fat there amply, also in the belly and thigh regions)!

I read Dispelling the Glute Myth and have been following Bret Contreras’s work ever since! Super happy with my results! I’m now in the glute hypertrophy and strength phases, and trying new things like barbell training (deadlifts and squats), barbell glute bridges and hip thrusts, and weighted adduction and hip extension exercises. Training this way is so fun, and a good fit for me. I can zone out in the gym by myself, deadlifting away for hours. I seriously don’t ever want to leave before the hour and a half mark!

Bret and Marianne have recently teamed up to start the Get Glutes Online Training System, which I cannot wait to try. Bret also wrote a new book with Kellie Davis, called “Strong Curves” that I would like to read. Thanks so much to these two, and all the other great fitness writers online giving people great advice to counter all the absolute garbage that pollutes the internet when it comes to fitness and health and science.

Auf Wiedersehen!


4 comments on “Bret Contreras, My Hero!

  1. I really like the shape of your glute. What exercises do you use to target your upper portion of your glutes? My glutes are little bit flat on the top, but heavy on the bottom.

    • “The upper gluteus maximus is involved in five different distinct actions; hip extension, hip hyperextension, hip abduction, hip transverse abduction, and hip external rotation.” From ‘Dispelling the Glute Myth’! Exercise band adduction, machine adduction, bird-dog, fire hydrants…and thanks for reading!


  2. I just finished the 12 week Strong Curves program and am very pleased with the results. I can’t decide what to do next though…I did the advanced program. Thinking of doing the Glute Only program for next 12 weeks and add a KB upperbody circuit for upper body and cardio. My only complaint about that book is that it needs an Index. It’s tedious to flip through to find a specific exercise. Other than that it was great!

    • I was struck by a comment Bret made in a recent article, that the Brazilians have it right, because they will go train their glutes and nothing else for an hour with a trainer. Well, since I really don’t desire a bigger upper body (arms are naturally muscular and defined, and my guns are definitely big enough!) I have decided to really train the hell out of my glutes for awhile to see if I can get a little more growth there, and reduce my waist size more to reduce my BMI by a few points. I’m just barely in the healthy range, and I know my body composition has improved, you can always be better. For my upper body I plan to do kettlebell swings, push ups, and pull ups and possibly heavy bench presses. I am going to stop doing so many military presses and push presses, cuz I’m definitely obsessed with them and if I keep it up I’m going to be a little out of balance (big arms, smaller bottom parts!). It’s a journey! Just gotta keep it interesting 🙂 Thanks for reading! And I will definitely check out Strong Curves ASAP.

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