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Other heroes: Elliott Hulse

Yesterday I shared about my OBSESSION with Bret Contreras and everything he’s ever written about the glutes. I totally forgot to mention my other go-to guy for anything related to muscle: Elliott Hulse.


I subscribed to “Yo Elliott” not too long ago and am so happy with all I’ve learned from watching his funny, insightful vlogs. He is a strength coach, family man, self-proclaimed “strength geek”, and a guru, in my eyes. He gives pretty darn good life advice (I think on a seperate channel); I especially liked the episode where he explained how his marriage and his family, and his commitment to them, made him a stronger human being.

But on the strength side of things, he is an incredibly smart guy as well! I recently began deadlifting a barbell for a new challenge in my lifting routine. (Post coming soon about how I came away from my kettlebells to explore some other strength practices!) So I watched Elliott’s four-part ‘The Science of Deadlifting‘ manifesto, and then went to the gym and set a PR, just like that.

My PR last week, 170 pounds at 125 bodyweight.

Top Ten Things I’ve Learned about Lifting & Life from Mr. Hulse:

  1. When you lift something, imagine you’re pushing yourself down into the earth, rather than lifting the object up.
  2. Use your butthole! Elliott expounds on the benefits of using the age-old technique of sphincter-tightening for power. Next time you’re trying to lift something heavy, clench it up!
  3. Increase your intra-abdominal pressure for increased stability and strength.
  4. Wear the right shoes.
  5. Train your central nervous system. “Strength is function of your nervous system,” says Elliott in his awesome video, “The Truth About Building Strength”.

6. Train the way you know is right for your goals and body, and fuck what anyone else thinks!

7. Think outside the box in the gym and in life, and build your own experience and success.

8. Balance your parasympathetic and your sympathetic nervous systems, by prioritizing rest, digestion, nourishment and water to counter the stress of training, life, and stimulation of the adrenals.

9. Posture is extremely important, and so is balancing your body, before you can become stronger. Address problems in your body’s basic functioning by focusing on mindful mobility, stretching, and corrective exercises.

10. Don’t be afraid to take one step forward and two steps back. Elliott has been a competitive strongman, but recently changed the way he trains and eats to become leaner, because he knew this would make him even better. He talks about how it is difficult to lose strength, and let go of that version of himself, and to me that’s the true meaning of evolution: Accepting and embracing change, by stepping out of your comfort zone on a regular basis in the name of personal growth.

Auf Wiedersehen,

Jacqi 🙂

EDIT: I forgot another important tip I got from Elliott on youtube, and it has been an enormously successful one for me: Taking a fasted walk first thing in the morning is a great fatburner! I now walk a mile and a half at 6:30 am everyday to catch the bus, instead of waking up early and going down the street, and start my day off on the right track for my goals of getting lean and staying strong.

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One comment on “Other heroes: Elliott Hulse

  1. Confirmation Code: GFXHFDCN111941263

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