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Stay-Home Saturday Training Log

Saturday Training at the Gym/Pool with my seven-year-old daughter 🙂

25 pound dumbbell step up 3×6 each leg

35 pound dumbbell clean + ass to grass squats 3×6, 40 pounds 1×6

35 pound dumbbell walking lunges 3 x 4, 40 pounds 1×8

35 pound db deadlift 3×12 40 pounds 1×8

20 pound dumbbell renegade row 2×10

80 pound seated low row 2×10

double 40 pound dumbbell glute bridges 2×10


triple tabata (24 rounds of 20 seconds 100% effort/10 seconds recovery) including :

  • ninja jumps
  • split lunge jump
  • 20 kg 2 hand kb swing
  • alternating 20 kg clean
  • squat-tap-taps
  • fast skiprope
  • high knees
  • box jumps

Celeste’s WOD:

10 pound lat pulls 1×4

5 pound dumbbell bench press 1×5

pushups x 3

rebumbent bike 5:00

clowning around NONSTOP

Here is a funny video of my step ups, where the camera fell over. Happens all the time!

Sorry for the sideways video! I’ve rotated it and for some reason it’s still effed up…

Most of posts will probably just be training logs from now on, for the time being, as I am stretched at work, attending online college, and still momming it, unschooling it, trying out a new gym and walking/bussing all over Carrollton and North Dallas.

My daughter told me today, “Mom, I really liked working out today! I think I want to be healthy all the time.” So rewarding to hear, considering I don’t tell her how to feel or to exercise, or eat a certain way. She’s my shining star, and my inspiration.

Auf Wiedersehen!


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