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Barefoot Country Cavewoman 🌲

The last couple of weeks myself and my kettlebells have been communing out in the great outdoors. I’m incredibly blessed to be living in the country, and to step outside and hear nothing but singing birds and see nothing but tall Georgia pine trees all around me. It is wonderfully therapeutic, and I’m usually barefoot […]

I’m back, Baby!

I can’t believe it’s been almost 7 years since I’ve written a post for this space!! So much has happened in the interim, and I’ve made so many excuses, for too long. I want to write and to share my experiences and it’s time. Writer’s block, depression, slow rural internet, and switching to using my […]

Other heroes: Elliott Hulse

Yesterday I shared about my OBSESSION with Bret Contreras and everything he’s ever written about the glutes. I totally forgot to mention my other go-to guy for anything related to muscle: Elliott Hulse. I subscribed to “Yo Elliott” not too long ago and am so happy with all I’ve learned from watching his funny, insightful […]

Stay-Home Saturday Training Log

Saturday Training at the Gym/Pool with my seven-year-old daughter 🙂 25 pound dumbbell step up 3×6 each leg 35 pound dumbbell clean + ass to grass squats 3×6, 40 pounds 1×6 35 pound dumbbell walking lunges 3 x 4, 40 pounds 1×8 35 pound db deadlift 3×12 40 pounds 1×8 20 pound dumbbell renegade row […]

Bret Contreras, My Hero!

I posted this picture on my facebook today to show my progress in building my perfect backside using advice found on Marianne Kane’s blog, MyomyTV.com and in various articles by Bret Contreras and Christine Beachamp (supergirl powerlifter). After more than a year of focusing on glute training, fat loss, and getting stronger overall, this is […]

Borderline Personality Disorder and Over-training

I’ve identified a big problem with my exercising. Finding my kettlebell lifting bliss is a double-edged sword, in that it’s fantastic that I’ve found something I love to do that keeps me fit, but I like it so much that I tend to burn myself out and over-train. It took me awhile to admit this pattern […]

And now for something completely different…

I promised I would talk more about Carb Back Loading and I plan on doing just that, but I want to make sure I can write a clear, thoughtful, and scientific explanation for people who are curious. So I need to do more research, and take a little time. My writing is also rusty with under-use. […]