• I’m not a chef, or a personal trainer.
  • I’m not RKC-certified (but I sure wish I was).
  • I’m not crossfit-certified.
  • I’m sure not a doctor!
  • I’m not a nutritionist.
  • I’m not perfect.

w h a t   i   a m

  • I am an autodidact, and try to find the best information.
  • I am an amateur fitness freak and foodie.
  • I am a stickler about proper form in exercise.
  • I am a disciple of Pavel Tsatsouline.
  • I am someone who has maintained a loss of 80 pounds for 8 years.
  • I am a former couch potato and junk food indulger.
  • I am committed to learning and bettering myself.
  • I am completely open to new ideas, especially when it comes to fitness!
  • I am someone who is experienced with diets (even the crazy ones).

So, to sum up, I want to let anyone reading know that, while I do know what I’m talking about some of the time, I’m not a professional. Unless you mean a professional badass. I was trained in the art of the badass bitch in my youth. 😉

2 comments on “Disclaimer

  1. Just started following you after seeing the link, that Bret Contreras posted with your glute-progress. I am looking forward to reading your updates 🙂

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