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I am in awe of the wealth of information out there for the taking. I use the internet to educate my child, find healthy recipes, and construct new workouts. I taught myself to swing a kettlebell and drive a stick shift using the internet. I taught myself how to cook! I am a firm believer that you can teach yourself almost anything with the right tools.

Without these websites, I never would have been able to contemplate a primal/paleo transition. Now, I feel confident and haven’t run out of awesome meals yet. It seems so simple now, and I really thank the people who write these blogs, because it makes it so much easier to envision a strategy for implementation of big lifestyle changes.

I will often have at least five of the following blogs open at a time, and my husband makes fun of me for “tabbing it up”. I can’t get enough of the recipes and new food ideas. Seriously, if you are as into food as I am (way too into food) paleo and primal are doable, delicious options.


j a c ‘ s   u l t i m a t e   p a l e o   b l o g  

g u i d e

                                                                                  (u n d e r   c o n s t r u c t i o n)

– I love this lady. She is a mom, so of course I like her already. But then she went and recorded every single meal of her “Whole 30” in her blog. Along with detailed recipes, tips and videos! This is the website that originally made me drool all over my keyboard and seriously think about making a change.

– This website spreads the paleo word on a great-looking, user-friendly blog. The site includes the “Whole 30” program, which is a guide
to your first month of paleo eating. Included are shopping guide, informative articles, and inspirational success stories. I want to do a Whole 30 soon, my main current stumbling blocks are coffee (because I like it with a sweetener of some kind) and alcohol (mmm, beer).

 – Blog run by a really cool author from one of my hometowns, Austin, TX. Melissa Joulwan comes up with mouth-watering recipes and collected them in the book “Well-Fed”. I want this book! Definitely a must-have. Her banner says, “train hard. eat clean. live loud.” and I gotta say, I’m with her.

 I am so on a budget it’s not even funny! So I love money-saving tips and the food looks delicious.

– This dude, George Bryant, is a very creative paleo cook, and I love his blog. He also has a very inspirational fitness success story on his website. Really want to try the Blueberry Brownies!!!

mark’s daily apple –  lots of super-great ideas

— J

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