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Diet Update & Extreme Walking :)

I am feeling really good and strong this fall! Been working hard and training since the beginning of the year, and I am maintaining a weight of 125 and still losing fat, by and by. Last year I spent the last three months eating and not training at all. I think I had burned myself out! I ate pie, donuts, whatever I felt like eating, althoug I have to say my appetite has steadily shrunk, I don’t know if it’s due to limiting my food whilst semi-dieting or just because I’m getting older (speeding towards thirty!). I didn’t gain much weight during my healthy lifestlye hiatus (around five pounds) and I attribute this to heavy kettlebell use in the months before. I did start exchanging muscle for fat at the very end of the year, and snapped out of my funk immediately. I did NOT want to backtrack and start making serious gains again!

D i e t   U p d a t e   F a l l   2 0 1 2

This year I have dabbled in paleo, and am still very interested in this way of eating. I gleaned a lot of information when I was studying up on primal/paleo. I eat more fat, and from better sources. I fast intermittently. I eat more vegetables, and a wider variety. I’m very nutrition-oriented. That said, I haven’t opted to go full on paleo at the moment, because I just cannot afford it! There, I said it! I can’t buy grass-fed butter or beef. I can’t afford coconut OR almond flour for when I want a treat. I can’t shop at Whole Foods and buy organic produce. Even almond butter is hard to make room in the budget for! Not to mention the fact that I haven’t yet sold my family on living grain-free, and I don’t even think I’ve sold myself on the idea.

When I read Sarah Fragoso’s “Everyday Paleo” I was struck by some facts therein. Gluten is pervasive when consumed and stays in your body for a long time. To truly reap the benefits of a paleo diet, you would have to abstain from grains, dairy and sugar completely for months on end. I don’t know if I can commit to that right now. I still want to eat pancakes occasionally. I still want to eat pasta occasionally, and I don’t want to stress myself out avoiding the foods I want to eat. I think eventually I will be ready to make a drastic overhaul of our diets, and that day is not too far off. I am making more room in the budget for food, so I can really strive for my whole family to eat better.

As of right now, I am trying to make simple changes, such as, we eat more veggies than ever before, at every single meal. We don’t eat out a lot. We eat real food only. We don’t consume polyunsaturated fats, or trans fats. We don’t eat beans or soy products. We don’t use artificial sweeteners.

I, personally, am carb backloading. This is what my day looks like:

5:00 am   – Wake up, get ready, drink coffee, catch bus.

11:30am – Consume some protein(hard boiled egg/lunch meat), fat, and vegetable or something like blueberries

                     (this meal is very small)

12:30pm – Train kettlebells or walk or do sprints or jumprope or a combination (5-6 days per week)!

2:00pm   – Post-Training – A large meal that is mainly paleo, meat and vegetables and fat. Sometimes cheese.

 6-9pm     – Feasting period – Whatever the hell I feel like eating, but still mostly prepared in a  nutritious, clean way.

                    – Lately this includes cereal, pumpkin pie, potatoes, sweet potatoes, roasted carrots, pasta, or bread, all consumed with protein. Sometimes coffee, wine, or beer.

                    – Lots of calories consumed during this period.

All of sudden my abs are popping out, I am slimming down, and I feel like She-ra! 

Interesting….very interesting indeed!

My once-cumbersome 20 kg kettlebell is now easy to swing. I can now clean and press it as well. I can sprint with ease and pretty fast, too. My body feels like it’s functioning very well. I am energetic all day long. I never feel sluggish, and I’m completely satisfied with the food I’m eating.

In conclusion, this is the best way for me to eat right now. I don’t feel deprived, and that is a big thing. I am so active and so busy that I don’t want to be stressed out because I can’t eat what I want. When I can afford higher quality ingredients, I want to expand our nutritional horizons even more and find ways to eliminate more bad guys from our eats. But we are making progress, and all of us have lost a little weight. Winning! 

T r a i n i n g   U p d a t e:

Extreme Walking!

I started something I call “extreme walking”. I do this once or twice a week, and it is very invigorating, and burns shit-ton of calories.

I suit up and plug in my earphones on full blast. I walk from my job to Wal-Mart and then back, which is five miles round trip. I stop at certain spots where there are little half-walls and do  step ups on each leg, usually a set of 10 on each, sometimes 20. Sometimes, lately, I run a sprinting interval around 30 seconds or 2 neighborhood blocks. I walk at a pretty good clip (3-4 mph). Sometimes I stop and do 10-20 elevated leg push ups, on a hill or half-wall. Just walking alone, this jaunt would burn around 300 some calories, according to my calculations. But the killer is the middle part, at Wal-Mart on the side of George Bush Turnpike is a very steep-grade concrete hill. I run up this 10-15 times, as hard as possible, walking on the downgrade. I need to get a Body Bug, so I can figure out exactly how many calories I’m burning, but I know it is a lot. The high intensity bursts of sprinting and uphill runs increase the fat burning element.

I did this yesterday, on Friday, and finished my 5 miles in an hour and five minutes, a new record. Today is Saturday so I just did some kettlebell freestyle practice.

I repeated each of these 3 times, with plenty of rest and attention to form.

  • 2 hand heavy swings (20kg) (sometimes 10, sometimes 20)
  • 20 kg goblet squats (6)
  • 16 kg roundabout swings (30)
  • 16 kg cleans (5)
  • 20 kg clean & push press (1 R/L)


  • Korn – Got the Life
  • Rammstein – Ich Tu Dir Veh
  • Kanye West  – Monster
  • Tool – Lateralus
  • Metallica – All Nightmare Long

Not too hard, and not too easy work today! Love playing with my bell. And I can still pay attention to my kid in between sets 🙂 This is the first time I’ve tried cleaning and pressing the 20 kg. Very excited to do it some more.

Happy snatching!

– J

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swingin’ sweat bath

All I really felt like doing on this rainy Saturday is swinging, so I decided to do 500 swings.

Round 1 (200 swings)

30 seconds work/30 seconds rest 

5 sets 2 hand swings with 20 kg

5 sets 2 hand swings with 16 kg

20 swings each work interval

Round 2 (100 swings)

15 seconds work/15 seconds rest

7 sets 2 hand swings with 20kg

3 sets 2 hand swings with 16 kg

10 swings each work interval

Round 3 (100 swings)

Using a “power swing” method I learned about watching Tracy Reifkind on youtube.

5 sets of the following:

5 power swings (20 kg), hold hip hinge position with loaded hamstrings for 10 sec

repeat 4x then rest 30 sec.

Round 4 (100 swings)

As little rest as possible between sets.

5 sets, 10 two hand swings (16kg) 

5 sets, 10 two hand swings (20kg) 


Lamb of God – Walk With Me In Hell

Korn – Throw Me Away

Prodigy – Breathe

Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up

Children of Bodom – Children of Bodom

Good ketttlebell-swingin jams! Feel like a million bucks.

Oh, and this was my first workout in my Chuck Taylors and I dig them. Different swinging in shoes that aren’t five fingers, but I think it will work. Cheers to Pavel Tsatsouline 🙂 


Me, my kettlebell, and the first day of fall.

One of the greatest things about kettlebells, in my opinion, is that you can create a workout from scratch. Just picking up your kettlebell and practicing your skills can segue into a kickass sweat session.

Case in point, yesterday I took my awesome daughter, Celeste, to the pool for a little while. I had a choice between laying poolside and knockin back a few Pabst Blue Ribbons or bringing my kettlebell with me and working out before we went to dinner. I made a good choice and brought my 16 kg with me instead of the cold brews. I had no plan at all, but I have been following Tracy Reifkind (KETTLEBELL GODDESS!) closely lately, and have been focusing on my swing, and integrating high-volume swing workouts into my routine.

I did a joint mobility warm up as usual, which is energizing and feels good in itself. I love warming up like this! Here is a video that I found a long time ago, when I was first starting with kettlebells, and I still follow this template almost every session. Check out this woman’s other videos, she is something else!

Here’s what I did, off the top of my head:

-2 Turkish Get Up, R, L


I repeated the following circuit three times, and was sweating real nice.

-5 One Arm Swings, R, L

-15 2 Hand Swings

-5 Cleans R, 5 Jerk R

-5 Cleans L, 5 Jerk L

-Walk around pool to cool down

-20 Box Jumps onto pooldeck

After this I did some more messing around for a bit:

-3 sets of 5 windmills, R/L

-3 sets of 20 2-hand swings

-walking around the pooldeck with the kettlebell in overhead press position

-elevated feet push ups

Lately I end every session with glute bridges and backbends, something I picked up from Girya Girl, Adrienne Harvey. It feels great to bend like that after all that swingin! I melt into corpse pose at the very end, and feel so strong and happy lying in a pool of my own sweat. 🙂

But the whole point of this post is that kettlebells are so easy, and are a no-brainer. I didn’t need anything but one kettlebell and a little less than an hour to get in some good, hard work. I rested as needed, and my heart rate stayed in a nice place for fatburning. I walked away to talk to my daughter and her friend when I was summoned, or when I just took a small breather. Perfect for moms! If you’re tied to a cardio machine somewhere, or a TV screen, you can’t enjoy the beautiful outdoors and your child as you train. I find this unique and empowering.

Please check out the awesome new Facebook community created by Lauren Brooks (KETTLEBELL QUEEN!) and friends, Strong Kettlebell MomsVote for my picture in the contest (Jacqi Guillory), if you have a second, por favor!

Here is my latest form check video, but I have already made some improvements. I am working on my range of motion (reaching back further between my legs, and bringing the kettlebell to eye level on the upswing). I also want my upper body more parallel to the floor on the down-swing and to keep a neutral spine consistently. New video to come soon!

Kettlebells + good music = training heaven.


the return of the queen

Okay, so I’m going to start blogging sometimes again, but I’m not making any promises as to the frequency or quality of my posts. Feeling frazzled lately, and really just trying to take it easy whenever possible. My job is such a crazy, wonderful place that never, ever stops hoppin’. When I get over-stressed I get off my nutritional path of excellence… and then start to miss workouts.. and finally, disintegrate into a puddle of slovenly, sad mess. It is a cycle I loathe, but it’s good to be so aware of what’s happening because I’m able to nip it in the bud when I see it starting.

I actually have still been working out quite a bit, just not as hard as I was when I was doing Marianne Kane-style workouts 5 days a week. I lost my gymboss! And I still have to buy myself a new one. So I have still been utilizing intervals but with a wall clock, which I feel is much less effective than the timer, because I’m partially distracted by watching the clock. Gymboss= awesome. I do tabatas, kettlebell work, long walks, run sprints, and jump rope. I’m very happy with this combination and always have fun training. My torture of choice of late is heavy (20 kg) goblet squats.

friday wod

– 2 cycles of tabata with the following exercises:

  • 16 kg high pulls R
  • 16 kg high pulls L
  • 20 kg tactical lunges
  • push ups
  • 20 kg goblet squats
  • 16 kg one arm swing R
  • 16 kg one arm swing L
  • leg raises

– another cycle of tabata doing squat-tap-taps (deep sumo squat touch floor, then two jumps, legs together, in place.)

-descending push up ladder, as little rest as possible 10-1 (ouch!)

– 3 x 3 16 kg windmills each side (oof!)

-4 sets of 25 fast sit ups (30 sec rest between sets)

-.4 mile run to park and back to work

-10 leg raises

– streeeeeetch and backbends

starting a whole 30 sept 1st, who’s with me??

Results of a so-so diet (more good than bad) and 4-5 kettlebell training sessions per week.

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the legs, the butt, and nothing but

jac’s wod

5  –  1 0  –  1 2

I know I said I would do a workout from MyomyTV.com today…I lied! I was looking for one that didn’t include too much shoulder, chest, or arms in general cuz I’m a little fried. Finally I just jotted something down that seemed doable. I brought my16 kg and 20 kg kettlebells with me to work and did this on my lunch break.

Warm up: Joint mobility and 2 turkish get ups on each side with 16 kg

Part 1

2 rounds, 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest intervals

alternating kettlebell tactical lunges (14, 16 kg, 20 kg)

single leg deadlifts left (8, 16 kg)

single leg deadlifts right (8)

kettlebell front squat left (8, 16 kg)

kettlebell front squat right (8)

2 hand kettlebell swings (didn’t count, too focused, 20 kg)

Part 2

1:00 hip extension stretch R leg

1:00 hip extension stretch L leg


2 sets of 10 5-second isometric holds

20 kg kettlebell glute bridge (these look a bit risque…)

bird dog

lying abduction

s       t      r     e     t     c     h

Pavel says in his book, “Relax Into Stretch”, that Americans don’t have the patience to stretch properly. So, to try to prove him wrong, I stretch for at least 20 minutes and damn, does it ever feel good.

I love stretching my glutes after doing the above glute and leg work that I got from Bret Contreras’ article on T-Nation,  “Dispelling the Glute Myth”.  The workout seems simple but my glutes scream for mercy by the end. I always think about my butt as I’m doing the movements, and I try to use the glutes as much as possible. It may sound funny, but I really do believe it is lifting, growing, and tightening my rear like nothing else has. Now I just need to start deadlifting and squatting some real weight (on a barbell!) to hopefully see some Beyonce-caliber hypertrophy happening on my backside!

I definitely won’t be doing any pull ups tomorrow, I am going to rest instead, as I am super sore in a nice-feeling way. Peace out!



I’m still here…

jac’s wod

5  –  9  –  12

Warm up: Joint mobility, followed by jumprope/hi knee tabata

Taking it easy on myself today! I love this style of conditioning session. Used only my 20 kg kettlebell today, and tried to use my very best form, AS ALWAYS! 😀

Part 1


Every minute on the minute:

-10 2-Hand Kettlebell Swings

– 5 Push Ups

– 1 Squat Thrust

(active rest till end of minute)

Part 2

Suitcase Deadlift

Farmer’s Walk 25 ft., switch hands

Suitcase Deadlift, opposite side

Farmer’s Walk 25 more feet

Sprint to start, then back to kettlebell

Repeat x5

Part 3

6 Goblet Squats

1:00 rest

Repeat x5

Lastly, I did 10 burpees for the hell of it, and to make sure I still could! I think my Crossfit experimentation days are probably behind me, I much prefer doing simple strength and conditioning workouts with my kettlebells and walking.

I am currently rereading Pavel’s “The Naked Warrior”, and am going to attempt to get really good at pistol squats and maybe, just maybe,  pull off a one-armed push up or two!

I really get a kick out of getting stronger and Pavel’s advice is always practical and easy to follow. I will write more about my new, improved strength practice soon.

After a paleo (I find myself actually desiring paleo-style meals more and more often, yay!) dinner my baby girl and I went for a nice little walk and stopped in at the gym where she acted silly and I did a descending ladder from 6 of dumbbell deadlifts using two 50-pound dumbbells.

Tomorrow I think I am ready to tackle an awesome Marianne Kane workout. I haven’t had the gusto for one of hers lately, but I think it’s time to dust off my little blue notebook and do some hard work, Irish style!

On Friday I am hoping to go to the park to do some sprints and pull up practice, using “The Naked Warrior” tension techniques.

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crucial insight attained!

I have mentioned on this blog my use of exercise and a healthy diet as a self-imposed treatment for my major depression and borderline disorder. Nothing else has helped me more, including medication and self-medication. My healthy lifestyle has effectively kicked my psychological problems’ collective ass!

But I realized something just now, related to intensity. I have been mistakenly thinking that the more adrenaline I can pump through my system the better, and that the endorphins are what is healing me.

Taking time to do “easy” strength sessions here and there, indulging in my beloved walks, and taking more days off has not diminished the returns I’ve received in the way of stress relief and focus.

I don’t have to work myself into a sweat-dripping frenzy every day or even 5 days a week to stay well mentally. Considering the fact that over-stressing myself through over-training could even cause me to retain fat, I think it is only wise to limit the amount of high intensity work outs I do during any given week!

It’s nice to know that I don’t have to worry so much when I really can’t work out, or if I just feel like reading or taking a nap or actually eating lunch instead. Before I felt guilty… I think I even believed I might become fat or automatically depressed if I missed too many days! That is just not how it works, and I learned something new about fostering good physical and mental health.

– J

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workout log

jac’s wod

april fool’s day

Today I was honoring my new system and did a very easy workout. It consisted of push ups, plank knee-ins, plank holds, leg raises, and walk outs to push ups (standing then bending down and walking your hands out to plank position then doing a push up, then walking your hands back up to standing). All this just poolside, in sets of 10 or so. It was just a very beautiful afternoon, and Celeste played in the fountain while I did a little somethin’ somethin’…

Sometimes at night I do some sit ups with my abmat, or practice the turkish get up, or do a few heavy swings. I like this idea of mini-workouts, got it from Mark Sisson in “The 21-day Primal Blueprint”. At work me and the children will do random tabatas in the afternoon. They really do seem to enjoy me doing high knees and ninja tuck jumps, while making comical noises. They are toddlers, so they just kind of bounce up n down.

I think I may still be overdoing the intensity sometimes, but I am getting the hang of easy!

4  –  2  –  1 2


Today was another easy day! This is killing me, haha. I did take my 20 kg kettlebell to work, but all I did was one turkish get up on each side, trying my absolute hardest to focus on proper form. Then I did a few with no kettlebell, for practice. Then I plugged in my earbuds and walked to the park at a leisurely pace. I love getting midday sunshine, sometimes I think it is the main thing keeping me sane. (And it is part of a primal lifestyle!) I work out outside whenever possible.

An interesting tidbit from Mark Sisson, of MarksDailyApple.com and author of “The Primal Blueprint”, “Not only is low level aerobic activity the natural evolutionary expectation of the body, it’s flat out beneficial in its own right.”

Read more here. So I really did walk very naturally, at a brisk but relaxed pace. At the park I just lay out for a while, listened to music and stretched a little bit. I think I did some push ups in the evening.

4  –  3  –  1 2


Okay enough of the easy, time for something challenging! And all kettlebell. I took the crossfit dumbbell “bear” complex and tweaked it for my available equipment, a 20 kg kettlebell and a 25 pound kettlebell.

Five rounds

  1. Single leg deadlift (5 per leg, 20 kg)
  2. Kettlebell cleans (5 per arm, 20 kg)
  3. Kettlebell snatches (5 per arm, 25 lb)
  4. Kettlebell front squats (5)
  5. Rest 2 minutes

I probably would have done more after this, but Tuesday was a crazy work day and I only got one hour for my break. It was lightly sprinkling out as I completed this complex, but little did I know that tornadoes were brewing in our area. I was back inside starting a tabata of high knees when we had to go into emergency tornado protection mode, combining all the sleeping babies in one crib and taking them into the hallway for coverage! We spent two hours like this, then everything was safe and sound. Apparently the storms were within blocks of us, but thankfully we were just fine. Crazy day…


4  –  4  –  1 2


Today was absolutely gorgeous outside, after yesterday’s hellish chaos. That’s Texas for you! So I did a kettlebell swing work out outdoors on my lunchbreak. To warm up, I did joint mobility and one turkish get up on each side with my 25 pound kettlebell.

Oh hold up, one thing that is really irking me is that I can’t find my GYMBOSS!! I don’t know what the hell I did with the thing. My daughter probably hid it somewhere. She does that kind of thing.

So I had to steal a wall clock and use that for my intervals. Tracy Reifkind says that, ultimately, you should be swinging using equal work to rest times. Right now I figured I could do 45 seconds swing (20kg, two hands), 45 seconds rest for 10 minutes. I was a little too optimistic! This was my first time swinging the 20 kg continuously.

  1. 5 minutes 45:45
  2. 5 minutes I had to down to 30:30, and my hands were still on fire.
  3. Jumprope tabata alternating high knees and regular
  4. 5 sprints, 10 sec rest between
  5. Snatch tabata (25 lb)
  6. Glute Guy Butt Work Out
  7. A nice stretch in the sun.

This evening I’ve played around with pressing, snatching, and cleaning my 1 pood, and now I think I’ll go do some sit ups and hip thrusts. I like to randomly pick up my bell and do some windmills or something, and I know it is beneficial to my strength training. I plan to take off tomorrow, then walk on Friday (5 miles, 3mph, a favorite trek of mine is to Walmart and back to work).

On Saturday I will do a short but very, very intense kettlebell workout, and whatever other activities Celeste and I feel like doing together. She has recently taken to walking on the treadmill.

I hope I am being moderate enough, mixing easy with hard in a healthy balance. I sure do feel good, and strong. Think I will like taking it easier. 🙂

– J

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less is more & back to basics

I have been working hard on getting back into really good shape after a three month hiatus during the end of last year. In just three months, by focusing on my diet and my workouts, I have become my strongest and sexiest ever. Here is a list of the things I think have most influenced my speedy health boost.

  1. Learning some key paleo and primal dieting concepts. Have worked toward cutting out grains completely, and abstaining from consumption of dairy foods and legumes. I still drink coffee and imbibe alcohol, so I am by no means close to “being paleo”. But I would say the change has been pretty drastic. I have increased my protein and fats while cutting a lot of carbs. I have switched my primary cooking fat to coconut oil, and have been experimenting with new fruits and vegetables.
  2. Using high intensity intervals with the help of my trusty gymboss. Tabatas are a regular occurrence during my training,  and my old standby ratio of work to rest, of course, 45:15. 
  3. Lifting heavier. Added a new 20 kg kettlebell and a 30 pound medicine ball to my collection of medieval torture devices.

The other night I came across a great video at the perfect moment in time.

I can feel myself getting close to a “what now” stage in my journey. Recently I’ve been thinking about goals, and getting more serious about my training direction. I know I want to pursue an RKC certification sometime in the (hopefully) near-future. So, of course, I’m focused on getting stronger and building my endurance. It’s three days long, and strenuous to say the least.

I recently was blessed with a technique critique from one of my favorite websites, Chronicles of Strength! Since then, I have been ultra focused on improving my form and learning as much as I possibly can to get better at the important RKC movements. Mainly, I have been researching the swing and the turkish get up. I’ve learned a lot, and found and re-discovered some great free resources.

Enter Josh Hillis!

Josh’s great and entertaining video made a ton of sense to me. He says that, in his experience as a personal trainer, he found that high intensity training is a double-edged sword. While it does great things for your body, your stamina, your srength, etc, a ton of high intensity efforts with not a ton of rest can lead to excessive production of cortisol, a hormone that is a byproduct of stress.

Cortisol produced by stress is often blamed for excess belly fat. After training for three months, I am probably headed toward burnout if I keep on exercising at full throttle like a crazy monkey, and I am also probably flooding my system with cortisol almost every single day. He has developed a program called System Six, and from what I can tell, one of the primary principles is three workouts per week, one HARD, one medium, and one easy.

Just watching his introductory video provides a lot of food for thought, and I was very impressed with him. While on his site I found his 21-day Swing Challenge also, which I have looked at before, but now am seriously considering purchasing, as it is under 10 dollars.

What I took away from all this is that it probably isn’t smart to train as hard as I have been, as often as I have been! While it has served me well for the past three months, I feel intuitively that easier may be the way to go for a while, at least. I’m not 100% sold on all of Josh’s conclusions, but he is very experienced and makes a lot of sense to me. One thing I will be trying is doing just one REALLY HARD balls-to-the-wall workout per week, a few medium, one easy, and on some weeks I will take 3 days off. This will also give me a chance to spend some days just doing practice on the turkish get up and the swing, both of which I am trying to improve (videos to come!).

jac’s wod

3  –  2 9  –  1 2

I picked up this sweet workout idea from Girya Girl, A.K.A. Adrienne Harvey, RKC level 2. I like her because she is almost just my size (5’3, 126), is ultra strong and cool, and had a bowling ball dropped on her stomach and laughed(!) in a recent blog post. Her site is a goldmine of free information, kickass workouts, and priceless advice. I have been trying lots of things I found on her site and this one did not disappoint.

I took my 20 kg and 16 kg kettlebells to the “splash pad” at work (basically a huge fenced in area with sprinklers, which were off, where the ground is slightly softer than the cement elsewhere). Girya Girl’s challenge looks like this:

25 swings  –  1 burpee

24 swings  –  2 burpees

23 swings  –  3 burpees

…and so on and so on till you have

1 swing  –  25 burpees

I wasn’t sure how this would play out, so I chose to start with 20 swings and see what happened.

What happened, you ask? I made myself cry, that’s what! At around 15 swings, 7 burpees I believe I let out a little sob. But I told myself, (out loud) “come on!” I knew I could finish the thing and I did, switched to the 16 kg at around 16 swings, then back to the 20 kg at 10 swings. It was interesting how sad I got as the number of burpees increased and the number of swings decreased, haha.

Another way to execute a swing burpee ladder, and HOT DAMN was it a scorcher. Afterward I did 5 TGU’s on each side using 25 pounds, and I was out for the count.

I think doing challenging workouts like this more well-spaced apart in the week will end up benefiting me enormously! Other days will be for sprinting, jumproping, and light (sometimes no weight) kettlebell practice. I want to start throwing a kettlebell soon! 🙂 I really want to try just flinging one!

Anywho, that was my big revelation for the week, less just might be more, cortisol is a bad guy, and practice, practice, practice. I will soon be posting some videos of my (hopefully) improved turkish get up and swing. Here is a video that really helped me with the TGU, featuring one of my fave guys, Bret Contreras. From this video, I finally figured out how to not crunch up off the floor. Feels good!

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I have a fantastic post in me right now, which I just began writing. I have done some serious webcrawling this week, and some intense, fun training. I have consumed some wonderful, nutritious meals, and a bit of totally trashy fare.

BUT, my back is done for the day, and I need to get into a reclining position ASAP. Also, I am going to the free workout at Crossfit Dallas Central in the morning and need to be rested! But the draft is saved and the post will up in a jiffer!

Please bear with me, I have a full time job and full time child that suck up vast amounts of my energy and time. But I am eager to share all the new information I’m soaking up right now! It is some life-changing business, and I hope I can help at least one person see the wisdom so readily available for anyone and everyone’s taking.

I have never felt more in tune with the universe, or more humble, or more happy. I think that learning to be inside your body, present and fully alive, in tune and in the moment, somehow makes the world more vibrant, more enjoyable and infinitely more satisfying. My depression and anxiety are gone. My outlook is completely positive, and I feel more relaxed than ever. Everything is easier! Reminds me of a great quote from yogi Baron Baptiste,

“Don’t try hard, try easy.”