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I like to videotape myself to see ways I can improve my form. Here is a link to my youtube channel!

TGU, swing (20 kg) and snatch (25 lb)

one arm swings and thrusters 16 kg

3 – 5 – 12

wow horrible pistols

3 – 5 – 12

cleans and presses 16 kg

3 – 5 – 12

swings, tgus, goblet squats 16 kg

3 – 5 – 12

kettlebell snatch progression 16 kg

3 – 5 – 12

me, after 6 months of kettlebell self-lessons (august 2011)

These videos were taken in last month, in January, when I was coming out of a 3 month long slump of laziness.

practicing turkish get ups, love these (january 2012)

my swings…they are looking much, much better now, thanks to this video and my general better level of fitness. need to update! (january 2012)

cleans, swings, push presses, windmills & snatches…all my favorite lifts! (january 2012)

yes, i work out in a daycare after school room…it is the only time i have to myself *ever* (january 2012)

have i mentioned how much a love a good tabata? and i  LOVE jumping rope. (january 2012)

Another video.

Another video.

Yet another video.

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